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Retired adults enjoying the benefits of community comfort and care retiring from the comfort of home

About CCRH® (beta)

Serving the Community

From the beginning, this community was created to serve as a resource to retired adults who aren't interested in leaving the comfort of home.  Our dream of a community geared towards retired adults enjoying and thriving with the best options of community and care at their fingertips through their best years started in 2016.  That dream has grown into the service we offer today. 

At this first stage of rollout, beta, CCRH® residents become part of a growing community focused on connection to trusted service providers, vetted by CCRH®, and interested in providing Home and Personal care to our Residents here in Mecklenburg County.  We live here, and so do our families.  It is the obvious place to plant the CCRH® flag and begin the work of accomplishing this dream.  That said we can not be reckless with our rollout.  Due to COVID safety risks we are delaying the release of the community portion of our platform, and look forward to provide community opportunities to all of our residents in time.

At CCRH® all of our members are Residents of a community connected to service providers capable of delivering the outstanding care and services of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) while allowing them to live the lives they want from the place they want to, their own home.  So CCRH® is here, a platform providing Community and Care to Retired [Adults] from Home®.


As we start and grow, please know we are interested in all productive feedback on what works well, what is missing from the service provided, and what needs some more work to improve your experience as a member of the CCRH® community.


Want to take a part in our growth?  Get in touch today through our comments page.  We welcome you and your feedback home to CCRH®.

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