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Mother's Day: some things change and, thankfully, some stay the same

Now, I don't know about you, but I remember when Mother's Day was all about making macaroni necklaces and homemade cards. It was a simpler affair. We'd bake a cake or some cookies, pick some fresh flowers from the garden, and spend the day with family. None of this fancy brunch business or ordering gifts online.

But goodness me, times sure have changed! Nowadays, Mother's Day is all about the gifts and the grand gestures. Everyone's on their phones and computers, trying to find the perfect present or booking the fanciest restaurant in town.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against progress. But sometimes, I wonder if we've lost sight of what really matters on this special day. It's not about the gifts or the grand gestures, it's about showing love and appreciation for the women who gave us life.

A mother's love is the greatest gift of all and a handmade card or a hug can mean more than any store-bought present ever could.

So this Mother's Day, what would it look like to take a break from our screens and spend some quality time with our loved ones. Maybe make a homemade cake or some cookies and share them with those who mean the most to us.

And let's not forget to say "thank you" to the amazing mothers in our lives, whether they're here with us or watching over us from above. They may not always get the recognition they deserve, but their love and sacrifice is what makes this world a better place.

So Happy Mother's Day! Let's raise a glass (or a mimosa, if you're feeling fancy) to all the amazing moms out there. You deserve all the love and appreciation in the world, and we're lucky to have you in our lives. Let's never forget the love that brought us into this world.

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