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Why is Care for our Retired Adults and Seniors such a big focus for CCRH®?

Growing up in Charlotte myself, I was blessed to have family nearby. When I was a young boy my grandmother and grandfather would watch me while my parents were at work, take me to baseball games, lift me up into the tree in the yard to pretend I was He-Man riding the great Battlecat, and cut up watermelon to replenish energy after using my bubble-lawn mower to tidy up behind Grandaddy in the back yard. They cared for me, and that was one of the ways they showed me they loved me. Still today my grandmother refuses to leave a birthday party without helping to clean the dishes, and never shows up around my children without a dum-dum or piece of candy.

Despite losing my grandfather years ago, she has chosen to remain independent. To continue caring for herself, her friends, and her family. Sometimes she'll let us help though. When a cabinet door isn't working quite right, my father is over there to make a quick repair. When COVID made it harder for her to get to and from the grocery store my uncle took turns bringing groceries to her house, and when it was time to go to her doctor's appointments my mother was right there with her. Simple acts of love and kindness, made easier with family in close proximity.

But what about all of those folks without close proximity and easy access to friends, sons, daughters, and others ready to lend a hand?

Those who have cared for so many others deserve quality and focused care in return. For retired adults choosing to continue their lives from the comfort of home, they deserve access to the best services from people who are willing to stand by their work and provide the best in care. When that can't come from family and friends next door, CCRH® is the resource to find trusted, proven, and reliable service providers interested in serving their needs.

One of the main focuses at CCRH® is to love our neighbor. We expect that same approach to doing business from our service providers, and ask that same attitude from anyone using our platform to find care and community. We hope you will find that here with us, initially here at home, in Charlotte, NC.

Please feel free to comment below. Let us know a little bit about your story, what you think about our approach to Care, and any services you'd like access to.

Welcome home, from your own home, to CCRH®

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