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Community and Care for Adults Happily Retiring at Home

Beta Version Serving Mecklenburg County

Many Faces of Seniors Retired Adults and their Families and Friends Happy they Used the CCRH platform to find Community and Care from Home

Who Uses the CCRH® Platform?

Retired Adults

Finding Community and Care from the Comfort of Home

Family Members

Support Our Loved Ones with Convenient Connection

Service Providers

Serving Retired Adults in Our Community Well

Retired Adults and Seniors with their family members using to find Community and Care for Retirement at Home

Take control of the next step in your life with a community of family, friends, and high quality caregivers to help along the way.

You’ve come to the right place: a platform of Community and Care built for Adults living their best retirement from the comfort of their own home. We serve retired adults and the Family and Friends interested in supporting them through the best years of their lives.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you'll join the CCRH® community.

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