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Community and Care for Adults Happily Retiring at Home

Beta Version Serving Mecklenburg County

Home Retirement

How to Make Home Retirement as Easy as Possible

Keeping up with all of the demands of home ownership and personal maintenance can be hard even for anyone. Because of this, many who are approaching retirement and those who care for them wonder if they'll be able to retire at home. They find it harder to get under the sink to fix a leaky pipe, and the thought of going up on the roof is even more daunting. Meanwhile, having to go to places like hair salons, nail salons, and dog grooming offices becomes a big chore.

Some, however, seem to have no trouble at all with home retirement. They breeze through their days with carefree ease, and seem to have all the time in the world. What makes it so easy for them to retire at home while others struggle?

The key is to help CCRH® 'Residents' keep their retirement home maintenance as easy as possible. Getting the same results when you retire at home is simple. CCRH® ‘Residents’ have access to service providers for everything that's getting, or has gotten, hard to do yourself. Find plumbers, roofers, septic system pumpers or sewer cleaners, dog walkers, dog groomers, and personal care professionals who will come to your house.

Finding all of these people is easy at the CCRH® (Community Care for Retirement at Home) directory. Here, a large number of professionals are listed according to the services they provide. Practically every service is represented, so you're never left with a job that's too big for your home retirement plans. We even have doctors and beauticians who'll come to your location! How easy is that?

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