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Community and Care for Adults Happily Retiring at Home

Beta Version Serving Mecklenburg County

Continuing Care Near Me

You May Not Need to Go to a Facility Away from the Comfort of Home for Continuing Care

Many people suffer from illness or injury, need time to recover from surgery, and often need continuing care. This type of care can involve a nurse visiting a home to administer medications and change wound dressings, someone coming out to help with basics of life such as personal hygiene, or other services personal care and repair services.

Fortunately, thanks to CCRH® service providers no-one has to move to a rehab center or nursing home to get continuing care. Some service providers found on the site of Community Care and Retirement at Home are willing to bring their services to your home. Continuing care providers can help when someone has a condition that is expected to be lifelong. CCRH® ‘Residents' stay in familiar surroundings and close to the people they know and love.

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