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Community and Care for Adults Happily Retiring at Home

Beta Version Serving Mecklenburg County

Senior Care Near Me

Can You Get Senior Care Without Leaving Your House?

The many tasks involved in keeping a house in good condition are hard enough. In the Golden Years these tasks, for some, can seem even more daunting. The same goes for keeping up with your own personal needs. Going to the hair salon, seeing a doctor, and other such tasks become difficult when it's no longer convenient to just pop in your car and drive to their locations.

Fortunately, you don't have to give up living independently to ensure that everything is taken care of on both fronts. A new community directory, on Community and Care for Retirement at Home's platform, makes it easy to find all of the services you need without moving to an expensive senior community.


Our directory is broken down into three sections:

The Home Care Services section of the site guides you to service providers for all sorts of home maintenance and repairs. If you need someone to fix your plumbing, redo your roof, or take care of your septic or sewer, this is where to check. There are even specialists who will  renovate space to ADA compliance and improve mobility in your home.

The next section is about getting and finding Care for Yourself. Dog walking services, doctor visits (both at home and in-office), home visit haircut services, in-salon services, and many more personal services – both in-home and in-office - are all easy to locate in this part of the site. Those who offer financial planning, Medicare and Medicaid advice, personal and home insurance, and more are also represented.

Finally, there is a Community Section for activities and dining for retired adults and seniors. This is on hold while Covid is still active, but will be ready to go as soon as the pandemic ends.

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